We Deliver Precision

We deliver high performance flow conditioners, static mixers, flow nozzles as well as other custom components and accessories.

We continually test and improve on your products, designs and services.

Our products are designed and engineered using advanced CAD and CFD tools and they are manufactured in North America with a variety of materials to meet any project requirements.

Flow Conditioners

CPA flow conditioners offer repeatable flow profile recovery and swirl elimination. They are backed by over 25 years of engineering and testing. Multiple designs and materials are available to meet your different projects requirements.

Static Mixers

CPA’s Flo2Gether Multiphase Flow Conditioners & Static Mixers function without any moving parts and are designed to provide a homogenous mixture in many different fluid applications.

Flow Nozzles & Venturis

Custom designed and made per your application, our sonic nozzles, flow nozzles and venturi tubes are simple, low maintenance and available for a variety of fluid measurement scenarios.

Custom Accessories

CPA offers FloAlign tabs, lifting tabs, spacer plates and many other custom accessories.

Does your meter run conform to standards requirements?

Download our Orifice Meter Inspection whitepaper to discover how a successful inspection can save your company money.

Get accurate measurements and verified compliance with CPA’s quality products made in North America.

We ensure adherence to all applicable standards and codes with our products, materials and designs. With our extensive experience, we can help with Measurement Canada Notice of Approvals, The US Bureau of Land Management, and Canadian pressure fitting CRN’s. Let us assist with your part design, including calculation of nozzle bores, pressure drops, and verification of compliance to ASME standards and codes.