At CPA, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality products that excel in performance and dependability when installed in the field. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously test and assess the performance of our flow conditioners, static mixers and other products.

For over two decades, we have collected data and continued R&D on our products, updating them to ensure they provide the performance that you need for your application.

It Starts in CPA HQ

Crafted with precision in Calgary, Canada, our products stand apart from the competition. CPA takes pride in offering locally manufactured solutions, ensuring the highest quality materials and construction that we are directly involved with at every step.

Our product designs and meticulous quality assurance process offer unmatched performance and product integrity. By choosing CPA, you’re making an investment in dependable solutions that will provide you with excellent fluid dynamic performance.

Your Needs Come First

At CPA, we don’t subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  With different product types and multiple models for specific applications, we can provide something to meet your specific project requirements.

When you choose CPA, you gain more than just flow conditioners, static mixers, flow nozzles, and venturis; you gain a reliable and trustworthy partner dedicated to prioritizing your success.

Discover Peace of Mind

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond engineering innovative solutions. We take pride in producing products that not only excel in fluid dynamics but also meet rigorous government-approved standards. Operating within regulatory guidelines is crucial, and we alleviate the stress for our customers by ensuring our products adhere to these standards. 

Our superior designs and meticulous quality assurance not only ensure unmatched performance, but also give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re operating within regulatory standards.

Discover Customer-Driven Solutions for Your Operation

When it comes to flow conditioners, flow nozzles, venturis, or any other pipeline accessories, CPA stands ready to deliver the highest quality products that elevate your flow measurement accuracy to new heights. Experience the difference with CPA’s dedication to excellence and embrace a smoother, more efficient pipeline journey.