Like you, our customers are motivated to find measurement solutions for today’s complex energy markets – ones that consistently deliver mission critical results.   But how does a Canada Pipeline Accessories product help to fulfil this endeavour? It all begins with our approach to meeting customer needs.

Driven by what you need

Without our customers, we wouldn’t be here – and that’s exactly the mentality that informs the way we work. If customers are experiencing inaccurate measurements or looking to improve the repeatability of their current solutions when they come to us, we discuss with our customers to ensure they get the solution that they truly need.

For each customer, we outline each of the CPA products that may serve their needs and provide suggestions that will help the customer make informed decisions. 

The final product the client sees always begins with Canada Pipeline Accessories’ exceptionally engineered designs.  In most cases, something we stock in inventory will meet the project needs, and can be shipped out immediately.  However in some applications a custom solution is required. In this case, we work with our customers to completely understand the requirements of their process before proceeding with engineering and production. This results in custom sizes, pressure ratings, installation styles, and materials to suit their performance needs exactly. 

A closer look at modifications

Let’s take product modifications for measurement flow applications as an example. 

Our inventory focuses on CPA TBR, 50E, 55E and 65E flow conditioners in the most common pipe sizes and schedules, 2-16”, schedules 40 and 80.  This is all for ANSI Raised Face flange configuration.  For mixers, we stock  2” – 8” sizes.  CPA does not stock any nozzles since they are all custom sized per the application.

For other flange styles, such as ANSI RTJ, CPA will need the ANSI rating to properly design the flange for the required pressure rating.

For any custom sizes or schedules, CPA will size a flow conditioner, or mixer, based on the flange/pipe NPS and the pipe ID.

When it comes to CPA’s flow nozzles, each one is custom designed for the specific application; there is no one size fits all.  The flange and body will be based on the flange specs and pipe ID.  For restriction/sonic nozzles, the throat size will be calculated based on the desired max velocity in the pipe, the meter that is being protected, and the associated process conditions.

For any differential pressure nozzles, the device profile, tap configuration, and throat bore will all be sized based on the desired performance and targeted pressure differential.

Remaining true to best practices

Our engineering process isn’t just defined by testing, though. 

Every customer interaction and project is defined by our dedication to excellence. This means that Canada Pipeline Accessories has an unwavering commitment to the strictest engineering best practices and industry regulations. In remaining steadfast to these principles, we can make sure that every product we deliver to a customer surpasses industry and safety standards. 

Giving you the data you need to make better decisions and produce better results

Our team combines our engineering experience with fluid dynamics expertise to provide winning solutions that help improve your measurement. Through continued research into improvements, innovations, comparisons, and new product development, we can ensure that there is data to back up all results, ultimately providing a seamless, exceptional level of customer service from beginning to end. 

Call us today for precise measurement results you can depend on year over year.