The “10,000-hour rule” was created by writer Malcolm Gladwell in an effort to understand the time, patience, knowledge, and skill set that is needed to reach true levels of excellence, capability, and professionalism. For example, The Beatles played 7 hours a night for two years straight before signing their record contract. Wayne Gretzky practiced thousands upon thousands of hours taking shots outside of regular practice before he ever made it to the NHL, and our team has invested our entire careers to bringing you the pinnacle of pipeline flow accessories. 

At Canada Pipeline Accessories, our team of engineers bring thousands of hours in education, learning, and manufacturing experience to the table every single day in the quest to build better products that enable pipeline flow and efficiency. 

We have a wide variety of backgrounds, from mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics and manufacturing, computer-aided design, thermodynamics, and nozzle dynamics. However, as we are in the business of flow, fundamental fluid dynamics and thermodynamics remain front and centre at the core of everything we do. 

The average person might glaze over if the conversation turns to topics like fluid types, Reynolds numbers, uncertainty, manufacturing tolerances, and measurement, but to our team, that’s what gets us out of bed every day.

We spend countless hours studying the dynamics of many applications, fluid types, and meter technologies to discover ways to improve measurement, flow, and fluid behavior. Our experience started in the field, as all of our engineers have first-hand experience as end-users themselves, with many years at pipeline companies. They understand first hand what the customers are dealing with, the problems they must solve, and the hoops that they have to jump through in order to keep fluids moving. You can easily say that all of our solutions and products have their origin in the same places our customers find themselves every single day. 

We carry that mindset into the creation process for new products, where most of our product line, custom work, modifications, and upgrades come as a result of a customer request.  If the customer needs a modification made, or a certain performance level and result to be achieved, we see it as a challenge for our team to overcome, and we’re not happy until we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. 

After we create the concept, our engineering team dives into critical modifications by carefully studying the fluid dynamic improvements first. Either through physical testing at a flow lab or through CFD, thousands of hours of testing takes place before our products ever get shipped for use. 

At Canada Pipeline Accessories, we obsessively test and verify our engineering before the deliverable product is ready. It’s not just a policy; our commitment to excellence won’t allow us to hand our customers a delivery until we are 100% sure it’s functioning perfectly. 

If you’d like to put our team to the test, contact us anytime with inquiries into our custom work. We guarantee we will rise above the competition.