​If you’ve ever met a CPA team member, you know that we’re here to get stuff done.

Behind every flow conditioner and static mixer, there are countless hours, many hands, and mastery from engineering, operations, and everything in between. Our flow measurement experts continually study fluid dynamics so that, ultimately, we keep providing better solutions.

And when the stakes are high with little margin for error, attention to detail and customer service is what drives us behind the scenes.

Customer service is important to everyone at Canada Pipeline Accessories – it’s not about getting an order done quickly or finding new customers every week. It’s about making sure we do it right the first time, every time.

We intend to build long-term relationships with customers and the best way to do this is to make integrity, honesty and a standard of excellence a central focus in every customer interaction. We feel good when you’ve had a good experience with everyone you’ve dealt with.

From concept to final product in-field, Canada Pipeline Accessories’ solutions get input from the whole team.

With each new project, the journey begins with the initial contact with the customer where our CEO and sales team help bring awareness of the product to the customer based on their applications. This means technical training, phone and teams calls, and product presentations.

And if a customer has more detailed questions? Our technical team steps in to complete dP calculations, send product drawings to the customer for approval, finalize specifications for manufacturing, as well as assist with any computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations.

From there, operations take it away for quoting and ordering. They will send an invoice for payment, either before construction has begun for our custom items, or before the product has shipped for most typical inventory parts.

But before anything leaves our office, our quality assurance team visually inspects the product, before using a laser scanner to make sure the product is, without a doubt, dimensionally correct.

And to tie it all in a bow, the final stage is where the order is packed and shipped. This stage is a bit different than that last Amazon order you received – everything we ship is in a custom built package or crate to help ensure that nothing is damaged while in transit.

Give us a call today to see how we can help make measurement easier.