Now more than ever, all eyes are on oil & gas. With a focus on the effects of climate change, the looming water supply crisis, and ongoing debates about large pipeline projects, it’s critical that our industry maintains its commitment to sustainable practices. Pipelines are a crucial element of transporting fluids to ensure our society continues to have the raw materials we need for survival. Still, constant evaluation and improvement of environmentally responsible practices is necessary to protect our planet.

The Role of Products in Sustainability

On a smaller scale, each individual project has a part to play in sustainability. It starts with the materials used in building your project: complex assemblies with moving parts, for example, are broken to breakage and subsequent failure, repair and replacement.. Products not customized to a project’s exact specifications run a huge risk of creating measurement errors on their own or even failing. And materials not sourced and built to meet desired standards and regulations are a disaster waiting to happen.

At CPA, everything we do is intentional:

  • Our products are one piece with no moving parts, so there’s no risk of failure
  • Every project is evaluated by our experts, and the products we provide are based on your project specifications
  • Our materials are sourced with quality in mind, and the finished products are made in Canada. We offer an online material report database and full transparency, and are fully compliant with your desired standards.
  • When you contact us, you get a human on the phone. We work with you, one on one, to give expert advice and help you develop a solution that achieves your desired outcome.

The Role of Measurement in Sustainability

With the right products and setup comes accurate measurement as well as protection from any potential flow damage.

Use of a flow conditioner results in a swirl free, fully developed flow profile to maximize the performance of your flow meter, ensuring there is minimal lost and unaccounted for.

A static mixer ensures that you are quickly getting a homogenous mixture, either to ensure you have an accurate representation sample for your process, or that you are minimizing pipe damage due to extended exposure to high concentrations of hydrogen or other gases.

A sonic nozzle downstream of your meter and other equipment eliminates the risk of damage caused by high velocity flows, as well as ensuring that the ‘lost’ gas can be tallied in cases where a meter is maxed out.

Together, all these products work towards minimizing losses and maximizing the efficiency & performance of the measurement systems where they are being used.

At CPA, we take accurate measurement seriously:

  • Our flow conditioners have been extensively tested and evaluated by independent laboratories and proven superior for stabilizing performance downstream – even in the most demanding situations. That means you get accurate measurements every time, no matter if it’s a natural gas, air, water, oil, liquid petroleum, or any other fluid application.
  • Our Flo2Gether line of static mixers are cutting-edge products that produce a homogenous mixture with soluble and insoluble fluids. Designed entirely in-house by our engineers who leverage years of experience in fluid dynamics and CFD, we’ve come up with a modern-day solution for a very common issue with most sampling or injecting systems.
  • Our sonic and subsonic nozzles can be used as measurement elements, flow restriction devices, or control valve range extension. They come in many different flange and installation configurations, including cylindrical throat sonic nozzles, venturi nozzles with pressure taps, venturi meter tubes, or custom designs.

Responsibility Now for a Sustainable Future

Whether you’re looking at environmental responsibility from a large reclamation or a small pipeline project perspective, we must all do our part. Preventing damage and reducing fluid waste is one of the ways that we can continue to contribute positively to our world.

Contact us today—we’ll walk you through the right options for your project, and give you the confidence that your project is accurate and safe.