So you’re looking for ways to optimise your flow measurement performance?

The truth is, the key to getting accurate results is easier than you think. It’s just a matter of having airtight data.

Our mission at Canada Pipeline Accessories is to improve the world of fluid dynamics with precise measurement solutions.

We’ve been able to deliver on our promise for over 25 years. And in all this time, we’ve never fallen short.

We’re masters of our craft and are globally recognized leaders in the oil and gas industry.

What’s our trick? Two words.

Flow conditioners.

We invest in gathering data to design and produce the most dependable flow conditioners to help maximise measurement accuracy.

So you can rest easy knowing your projects are in capable hands.

What makes our products a cut above the rest?

  • Design isn’t just how it looks, but how it performs

Our flow conditioners are designed from the ground up, based on the fundamentals of fluid dynamics and compatibility with many different product applications to ensure we deliver the most accurate and repeatable readings.

We study flow profile restoration across various piping scenarios while considering Reynolds number performance and pressure drop.

Doing so enables a fully developed flow free of swirl and distortion and minimises the permanent pressure loss.

  • Diverse applications make a difference

Throughout decades of designing solutions and testing theories, our curiosity has proven it has no limits. 

We install our flow measurement devices across a wide range of meters and applications to understand as much as possible about the behaviour effects.

Different types of flow meters can respond differently to varying installation effects. So it’s possible that an improvement in accuracy can occur in one specific installation, and yet a severe error could result in another.

That’s why we use a multi-pronged approach to provide the best performance across a diverse range of scenarios and applications.

  • Roll out independent testing and CFD simulations

Every solution needs to be put to the test. 

And for most meter types, we know that a fully developed flow with minimal to no swirl produces the best meter performance.

So, of course, we’ve benchmarked prototypes against this ideal flow through intensive research and development testing at various calibration labs and we also use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Running our products through CFD simulations covers all the bases, from pressure and temperature to velocity, turbulence, different fluid types and compositions, flow profiles, and–the biggest nuisance of all–swirl.

In some cases, piping configurations are too complicated and expensive to test in real life, but CFD makes it possible for us to try them. 

Studying these cases strengthens our understanding of severe applications in greater detail and empowers us to help clients with even the most demanding piping conditions achieve accurate readings.

To eliminate bias in our results, we’ve performed years of independent testing with various meter types with customers and labs worldwide.

Get data-driven, airtight results 

Our team combines vetted engineering experience with fluid dynamics expertise and CFD capability to provide winning solutions that help improve your measurement. Call us today for precise measurement results you can repeat year over year.