It is Canada Pipeline Accessories’ (CPA) mission to improve the world of fluid dynamics with innovative and precise measurement solutions. For over 20 years, we have invested in collecting and compiling data to design and produce the most dependable device to maximize measurement accuracy. Our products are manufactured with proven designs, thorough engineering, and detailed quality assurance, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and product integrity. We have designed our flow conditioners from the ground up, based upon fluid dynamic fundamentals and compatibility with multiple product applications, to ensure that CPA products deliver more accurate and repeatable readings.

 Design Considerations

 CPA flow conditioning products are designed and verified based on fundamental fluid dynamics. Flow profile restoration was studied across a large range of piping scenarios while reynolds number performance and pressure drop are both taken into consideration. This allows for fully developed flow that is free of swirl and distortions, while minimizing the permanent pressure loses.  As a result, utilizing a properly designed perforated plate flow conditioner improves the fundamental fluid dynamics of the pipe flow itself. This ensures that both measurement accuracy and repeatability are maximized by creating a stable state of fully developed flow.

 A Wide Range of Applications

 With a solid understanding of fluid dynamics fundamentals, we have designed our products to be applied to a wide range of meters and applications.  As we have discovered through our years of testing, designing solutions for one particular meter can cause a variety of issues, because different types of flow meters can respond differently to different installation effects. An improvement in accuracy in one specific installation could result in a severe error in another. That is why our approach ensures that our products give the best performance across a wide range of applications and scenarios. It also means the flow conditioner does not have to be chosen or designed based on a specific application, thus allowing more flexibility for measurement options.  

 Independent Testing and CFD Simulations

 For most meter types, a fully developed flow with minimal to no swirl will produce the best meter performance. Throughout our research and development, we have benchmarked CPA prototypes against this ideal flow using testing at various calibration labs, in addition to using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. CFD simulation allows for comprehensive testing that covers everything from pressure to temperature, velocity, turbulence, flow profiles, and swirl. CFD also allows CPA to test piping configurations that would be too complicated to test in real life, thus allowing severe applications to be studied in more detail. To ensure accuracy and to prevent bias in our results, CPA has performed years of independent testing with various meter types with customers and labs all around the world.  

 Talk With Us

Our engineering team combine their experience in engineering with fluid dynamic experience and CFD capability to provide solutions that help improve your measurement. We invite you to check out our website for more information regarding our accurate flow measurement options. Or call us today to speak to one of our experts: (403) 236-4480.