Over the years, we’ve learned that our customers often grapple with the limitations of the static mixers currently on the market. Issues range from complex installations and questionable durability to challenging repairs and underwhelming performance.

We proudly introduce the Flo2Gether line of static mixers by Canada Pipeline Accessories (CPA). These static mixers are a product of intensive ground-up design, utilizing thousands of hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling in various liquid mixing and gas blending applications. Our patented design prioritizes fluid dynamic performance, making it highly recommended for challenging immiscible liquid situations, such as water in oil, and for gas blending applications like hydrogen injection.

No Moving Parts

CPA’s unique static mixers are simple, precision-machined parts. With no need for critical or structural welding, they require minimal maintenance and boast an extremely low risk of failure.

Designed with Purpose

The CPA Flo2Gether static mixers are designed around the ISO 3171 specification, exceeding the API 8.2 C1/C2 ratio requirements. Unlike the C1/C2 ratio, which measures concentration at the top and bottom of the pipe, the ISO standard minimizes mixing error at the pipe’s center. The ISO 3171 specification mandates that the center composition be within 5% of the average for the entire fluid, thereby enhancing sampler performance. This ensures that the sampler probe draws a representative fluid sample from the entirety of the pipe.

Simplified Installation

Our CPA Flo2Gether mixers are designed for effortless installation, with no additional fabrication required. They seamlessly integrate with any available ANSI flange, just like a CPA flow conditioner. They don’t require a special pipe spool to be fabricated and are not pressure-containing devices.

Effortless Access to What You Need

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