What helps differentiate Canada Pipelines Accessories from other engineering firms? We are completely result-oriented and customer-driven. From the initial customer request to delivering the product to them, we always have our customers in mind along with the results they want to achieve. Further to this, we work in collaboration with our customers throughout this process from data gathering, testing, and verifying to achieving the results they truly need.

Many of the products, product modifications and upgrades that Canada Pipeline Accessories produces or applies to devices are customer request driven. We work with our customers to fully understand their requirements before proceeding with the engineering process. Our expert team gets to work to design, test and implement the right solution to achieve their desired results while also guiding our customers through the engineering process. A customer may approach us to help them modify their measurement flow application to achieve a certain performance level. A modification to their current flow measurement devices may be required or a new product may be needed all together to achieve their ultimate flow measurement goal. We work with them to gather and study data, design and then test and verify to conclude which option is best suited for their engineering needs.

Of course, before critical modifications are made on any flow measurement application, we start this process by meticulously studying fluid dynamics and perform testing. This is done by performing physical testing or conducting thousands of hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). No matter the method employed, we will obsessively test and verify the fluid dynamics and engineering before a product is produced and delivered to our customers.

We will often test products in cooperation with our customers. For instance, by donating prototypes in exchange for performance data for a unique application. This allows us to learn more by collecting new data through the study of this application which helps us to produce better products (and results!) for our customers.

Throughout the engineering process with our customers, Canada Pipeline Accessories adheres to the strictest engineering best practices and industry regulations. These principles guide us through development and manufacturing to consistently produce quality deliverables that surpass industry and safety standards. We pride ourselves on producing the most effective flow measurement applications in the industry that are of the highest quality and standards.

Canada Pipeline Accessories aims to provide more pipeline and measurement support than any other engineering company in our industry. We help identify and solve measurement problems and provide innovative solutions for our customers with the results they require kept in mind. Contact us today to discuss how our engineers can achieve the flow measurement results you require.