When it comes to fluid measurement, injection and sampling, achieving consistent and efficient mixing of fluids can be quite the challenge. Stratification, where different components of a fluid separate and refuse to blend, can lead to a large amount of problems, from sampling errors to significant pipe damage. Fortunately, Canada Pipeline Accessories offers a solution that stands out from the rest: the Flo2Gether line of static mixers.

Understanding the Basics

Static mixer devices play a crucial role in ensuring the thorough mixing of many fluids. In many industries, achieving proper fluid blending is essential for maintaining product quality, process efficiency, and adherence to regulatory standards while minimizing pipeline integrity and safety issues.

CPA offers two variations of our static mixer: the FMSMA (our Multi Stage Mixer Assembly) and the SSVRM (our Single Stage Mixing Plate). Let’s examine the unique features and applications of each to help you make an informed decision.

FMSMA – Multi Stage Mixer Assembly

The Multi Stage Mixer Assembly is a versatile solution designed to tackle complex mixing challenges. Here are some key features and scenarios where it excels:

  1. Dual-Plate Construction: The Multi Stage Assembly utilizes a dual-plate construction, specifically designed for achieving full mixing within a short distance from the mixer outlet (typically 3-5 pipe diameters). This construction is highly effective in disrupting strongly stratified flows, making it ideal for fluids that do not readily mix, such as oil in water. It combines the Single Stage Mixing Plate with an upstream shovel plate in a single combined assembly. The upstream ‘shovel’ lifts liquids off of the bottom of the pipe so that the second mixing plate can easily complete the mixing.
  2. Horizontal Mixing Applications: If your application primarily involves horizontal mixing, where a vertical mixing loop is not used, the Mixer Assembly really shines. It creates large-scale fluid movement to disrupt stratified flows, ensuring thorough mixing.
  3. Versatile Fluids: This mixer is suitable for fluids that exhibit strong stratification, making it a valuable choice in scenarios where achieving a homogeneous mixture is challenging. It can also be used in gas applications or in any other applications where natural blending will slowly occur.

SSRVM – Single Stage Mixing Plate

The Single Stage Mixing Plate is a simpler, yet highly effective, static mixer suitable for specific applications. Here are applications that it has been optimized for:

  1. Vertical Mixing Applications: If your liquid application predominantly involves vertical mixing, the Single Stage Mixing Plate is well-suited. A vertical loop largely eliminates the collection of heavier fluids along a single side of the pipe, allowing mixing to be completed more easily. The Mixing Plate creates multiple small-scale fluid movements to disperse and mix the fluid effectively.
  2. Less Stratified Fluids: This Mixing Plate is ideal for fluids that exhibit less pronounced stratification, making it suitable for gas mixing and hydrogen blending applications.
  3. Compact Design: The Single Stage Mixing Plate boasts a compact construction, requiring minimal installation space. This makes it a practical choice for applications with limited room for equipment.

Making Your Choice

Selecting the right static mixer ultimately depends on the specific needs of your application. Both the Multi Stage Mixer Assembly and the Single Stage Mixing Plate offer exceptional mixing capabilities. By understanding your application’s unique requirements, you can confidently select the static mixer that will optimize your fluid handling processes. For any questions on your specific application, please contact CPA for a more in depth discussion with some fluid dynamic assistance!

To access detailed product information, take a look at our products page. With CPA’s industry-leading solutions, you can ensure your fluids are thoroughly mixed and your processes run smoothly.

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