Canada Pipeline Accessories’ flow conditioners and nozzles ensure higher performance and accurate measurements for any fluid application. It is our duty to verify our products are engineered to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our highly trained engineers and technical staff continually monitor and control the manufacturing of our products through our own custom quality assurance program. This includes utilizing cutting edge equipment to assure compliance with our strict manufacturing guidelines. So, why do we offer a 36 month warranty against manufacturing defects? Our warranty shows the confidence we have in the construction of our products.

How do we Ensure Product Quality?

Canada Pipeline Accessories tests the performance of our flow conditioners and other products on an on-going basis to continually assess and improve our designs. Our portfolio of products have extremely simple and rugged construction, with no moving parts. Our Venturi’s and flow nozzles also have a low fouling rate and require zero maintenance. This results in a more durable product which increases product lifespan. Further to this, all our products are manufactured in North America, to ensure the highest level of quality, performance and product integrity. In turn, we can back up the quality of our products with a 36 month warranty.

Why do we Provide Warranties on our Products?

Offering a warranty provides peace of mind to our customers and reassures them they are making the best decision possible. They need to know that what they invest their money in will last. This means if something does go wrong they can reach out to our customer service team and will be taken care of right away. At the end of the day, we want to be the trusted advisor and provider of flow measurement applications, which helps you achieve the most accurate performance. We stand by our engineering and our products manufacturing and quality, so if something does go wrong we can assure our customers that we can assist in helping determine where the issue is.

Have an Measurement Issue? No problem!

Canada Pipeline Accessories already provides exceptional customer service, from answering the phone (and returning messages), leading our customers through quoting, and providing products per their project requirements. Offering a 36 month long warranty ensures the customer is continually taken care of and they are not forgotten once their product (or project) is completed. We not only provide leading edge products and superior designs, but a commitment to integrity and credibility, fast delivery, and customer service excellence you just can’t find anywhere else. Rest assured that when you call with a concern or an issue we will find a solution to help you.

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Canada Pipeline Accessories provides accurate measurements, supported by verifiable proof from over 20 years of data collection. This means you can be confident in the performance of your flow meters and repeatability of your measurement. We also provide more pipeline and measurement support than any other engineering company in the field. We help fix problems, solve measurement issues, and provide the innovative solutions your company needs. Contact us today to further discuss our products, their warranties, and how our engineers can achieve the flow measurement results you require.