Accurate measurements

Products supported by data from over 25 years of 3rd party lab testing and field usage, which means you can be confident that your flow measurement is reliable and repeatable.

Flow Conditioners

CPA flow conditioners offer repeatable flow profile recovery and swirl elimination. They are backed by over 25 years of engineering and testing. Multiple designs and materials are available to meet your different projects requirements.

Static Mixers

CPA’s Flo2Gether Static Mixers function without any moving parts and are designed to provide a homogenous mixture in many different fluid applications.

Flow Nozzles & Venturis

Custom designed and made per your application, our sonic nozzles, flow nozzles and venturi tubes are simple, low maintenance and available for a variety of fluid measurement scenarios.

Custom Accessories

CPA offers FloAlign tabs, lifting tabs, spacer plates and many other custom accessories.

Our mission is to improve the world of fluid dynamics with innovative and precise measurement solutions.

CPA tests the performance of our flow conditioners and other products, on an ongoing basis in order to assess and improve the designs. For the last 20 years, we’ve collected and compiled that data and we make it readily available to you, to guarantee your peace of mind. On top of that, all of our products are manufactured in North America, with the most thorough engineering, proven designs, and detailed quality assurance, to ensure the highest level of performance and product integrity.

Does your meter run conform to standards requirements?

Download our Orifice Meter Inspection whitepaper to discover how a successful inspection can save your company money.

Leading edge products, superior designs, a commitment to integrity and credibility, fast delivery, and customer service excellence you just can’t find anywhere else.

CPA gives more pipeline and measurement support than any other engineering company in the field. We help fix problems, solve measurement issues and we provide the innovative solutions your company needs.