Material Test Reports

Welcome to the Material Test Report (MTR) Database. This database contains all of the MTR’s for CPA flow conditioners, nozzles, or other fittings. To use the database, please enter the material heat number (HT#) into the search box and browse the results that are returned. Click on one of the search results to open a scanned pdf copy of the MTR.

Typically, the material heat number will be engraved on the flange of CPA flow conditioners, nozzles, and fittings. Some parts will have the heat number engraved on the body of the part itself. In some cases, the heat number will not be on the parts, but will be recorded on the order paperwork, sales order, and/or the quality control certificate. In these cases, the part serial number can be used to provide traceability to the paperwork.

The same heat number may be linked to more than one MTR. In these cases, the MTR’s will be labelled according to the size of the raw material. The correct size will be similar to the size of the flow conditioner or nozzle. The same MTR may also be used in the manufacture of several parts; all of these parts will have the same heat number.

All MTR’s have been verified to conform to EN10204 3.1, which requires specific material confirmation testing by the material manufacturer. All MTR’s are also verified to comply with any relevant ASTM standards. The MTR’s provided on this site are delivered to CPA by the material distributor/manufacturer, and provide traceability of the material to the point of manufacture.

For custom ordered parts, the MTR will not be available until manufacturing is completed.

If you are having trouble locating the correct MTR, please contact us. To help locate the MTR, we may need additional information such as the part description, serial number, purchase order number, and sales order number.

Download Material Test Reports

Please enter the material heat number (HT#) to search the Material Test Report (MTR) database for your CPA flow conditioner, nozzle or other fitting. The HT# will be engraved on the flange OD of all CPA parts, but will also be recorded on the order paperwork, sales order and QA certificate.

Please contact CPA if you are having trouble locating the desired MTR.