Flow Nozzles & Venturis

Canada Pipeline Accessories offers sonic and subsonic flow nozzles for use as measurement elements, flow restriction devices, or control valve range extension. CPA nozzles are offered in many different flange and installation configurations, and are reliable, cost beneficial and zero maintenance.

Sonic Nozzles

CPA Sonic Nozzles can be manufactured to protect all types of positive displacement, turbine and orifice meters. They can also be ordered with pressure taps which allow our nozzles to perform backup or secondary gas measurement service; acting as a backup measurement device in the subsonic regime and as an over speed protection when choked.

Measurement Nozzles

CPA Subsonic Measurement Nozzles are custom designed in accordance with your preferred industry standards. They can be designed and manufactured per your exact specifications and material requirements. The nozzles can also be calibrated at a recognized independent lab to your exact specifications.


  • All nozzles, flow elements, and venturis are manufactured to recognized industry standards, such as ASME MFC-7M, ASME MFC-3M, ISO 5167, and ASME PTC-6.
  • Very simple, no moving parts, low fouling rate, and zero maintenance.
  • Available in all sizes, including custom pipe schedules.
  • Available in multiple styles including cylindrical sonic nozzles, flow element, venturi nozzle with pressure taps, venturi meter tubes, or completely custom designs.
  • Many options of installation including welded, flanged, and insert style. Flanged nozzles are compatible with ANSI, JIS, GRP, and many other flange standards.
  • Customized configuration of pressure taps to suit any application.
  • Available calibration services through one of our test lab partners.