The CPA Type A is designed for a typical raised face configuration. In this configuration, installation of the CPA (50E, 55E, 65E) involves placing the flow conditioner between two standard ANSI/ASME raised face flanges and gaskets. One end of the flow conditioner is designed to be inserted into the downstream pipe bore. The CPA Type A is the most common type of flow conditioner installation.

CPA Type A

Plate Installation

On a CPA Type A, the flow conditioner should always be inserted into the downstream piping. This ensures that the flow conditioner is centred relative to the flow meter and allows the upstream meter run spool to be moved without spreading the pipe flanges apart.

Plate Installation


For NPS 2-inch and 3-inch inch applications, CPA offers the CPA 50E Type A in two distinct raised face flange styles; the FOE and the FOEL. The FOE design is the standard ANSI raised face style that CPA offers by default on 4-inch pipe sizes and larger. The FOEL design is unique to 2-inch and 3-inch sizes. Due to the small insertion depth on a 2-inch and 3-inch FOE, it can be difficult to install the gaskets on the CPA 50E and then center the flow conditioner within the pipe bore. The FOEL has an offset center bore to give a greater insertion depth; this allows the gasket to be installed on the flow conditioner while leaving enough insertion depth to easily center them within the pipe bore. To assist with easily specifying the FOE or the FOEL flow conditioners, CPA’s dimensional recommendations and meter run lengths are measured to the exterior faces of the flow conditioner (upstream flange face and downstream flow conditioner face).

FOE Type A

Plate Orientation

For installation convenience, the CPA Type A flow conditioner has a top dead center marker known as the FloAlign notch on the outer circumference of the flange. This engraved notch is aligned with the 90-degree axis of the flow conditioner and is provided to help with flow conditioner orientation when using Ultrasonic flow meters. CPA flow conditioner orientation is not applicable to measurement performance when using other flow meter types.

CPA Type A Plate Orientation

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  • Compatible with all standard raised face flanges including ANSI ratings of 150# to 2500#.
  • Available in a range of sizes, from Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) 1/2 inch to NPS 48 inch.
  • Wide range of material options: Nickel Surfaced Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, Duplex, Hastalloy.
  • Available stock for immediate delivery. Stock sizes 316 stainless steel material, sizes 1 inch through 20 inch, and schedules 40 and 80.
  • In 1/2 inch to 20 inch sizes, ASME/ANSI configurations are compatible with all ANSI ratings of 150# through to 2500#. The same flow conditioner can be used for all ANSI ratings.
  • Custom designed sizes and flange standards available including API and JIS. Please contact CPA for more information!