CPA FloCheck is a patent-pending flow conditioner design with three included pressure taps. There is one pressure tap for the upstream and downstream side of the flow conditioner, and an additional pressure tap on one of the outer holes. These pressure taps lead to NPT connections on the flange, enabling separate pressure readings to be taken. This gives precise measurement of the pressure drop across the flow conditioner, allowing it to act as a secondary check to a primary measurement device. Adding a secondary meter directly improves the measurement uncertainty of a metering system.

The FloCheck is available as an option on all CPA flanged flow conditioner models, in 2 inch to 36 inch sizes. As with all CPA products, the FloCheck can be customized for any application, and can be custom manufactured using a wide range of material options.

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  • Flow Conditioners can be used in a primary flow meter with very high repeatability, especially when combined with a calibration at a certified flow lab.
  • When combined with a primary flow meter, the CPA FloCheck allows for a significant reduction in measurement uncertainty.
  • Allows for diagnostics of the flow conditioner performance, blockages, hole damage, contamination, and build up.
  • Trend flow conditioner pressure differential overtime to provide indication of uncertainty and measurement changes.
  • When combined with a turbine meter, can be used to provide flowing Reynolds number and fluid viscosity, ultimately eliminating need for liquid proofs when the product changes.