The CPA 50E is a high-performance, perforated-plate flow conditioner designed to produce a swirl-free, fully developed flow profile. By generating this stable and predictable flow, the CPA 50E isolates the flow meter from upstream pipe disturbances, improving reliability and reducing error while also shortening the meter run. As this behavior is beneficial to all flow meters, the CPA 50E is applicable to any flow meter type.

Canada Pipeline Accessories is the only authorized manufacturer of the CPA 50E flow conditioner and is the only company to have verified test and compliance data. The CPA 50E is the most tested plate flow conditioner in the industry and is supported by more than 15 years of test data by independent flow laboratories. The testing for the CPA 50E was performed with orifice, turbine, ultrasonic, and many other types of flow meters. Testing was also done with many different fluids including natural gas, air, water, liquid petroleum, and heavy oil. This extensive body of test data is only applicable to the CPA 50E as manufactured by Canada Pipeline Accessories, and is inherently linked to CPA’s manufacturing, engineering, and quality programs.

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  • Available stock for fast delivery. Stocked in ANSI raised face Type A configuration, sizes 2 – 16 inch, schedule 40 and 80, 316 stainless steel material.
  • Applicable to types of flow meters including orifice, ultrasonic, turbine, Coriolis and more.
  • Suitable for use in all types of fluid including natural gas, oil, water, steam, liquid petroleum and more.
  • Compatible with CPA FloAlign and CPA Paddle Tabs to aid lifting, inspection, installation, and alignment.
  • Complete AGA3 (2000) test data at multiple meter run lengths. A library of test data and papers detailing the performance of the CPA 50E flow conditioner.