CPA offers customized part design, drawing, and manufacturing services. CPA parts are specially engineered using computer aided design and computer aided engineering. CPA can design custom parts to your exact specifications, and build the necessary drawings to take the design to manufacturing.

Canada Pipeline Accessories is also an experienced part manufacturer, having produced specialty parts for almost 20 years. CPA is capable of manufacturing customized cast and machined parts from almost any material. All CPA manufactured parts go through a careful quality assurance process to ensure the highest quality products. CPA is also an ABSA certified manufacturer of Category H fittings, and can obtain CRN’s for use across Canada.

CPA Slip Joints

The CPA Slip Joint is a specially engineered pipe fitting that allows for small changes in length while under pressure. CPA slip joints are pressure balanced to reduce unwanted movement when the internal pressure changes.

The CPA Slip Joint is assembled from multiple pieces of pipe that slide against each other. The assembled pieces and the gap between the sliding parts are sealed with O-Rings. The parts are bolted together in such a way that makes it physically impossible for the Slip Joint to slide completely apart.

Like all CPA products, the Slip Joint is fully customizable for your exact application. They can be customized with different materials, and expansion lengths, and are available in butt-welded installation style or fashioned with flanges. Slip Joints are designed for low maintenance and easy servicing; they require only regular lubrication and inspection of the O-Ring seals, and replacement as necessary.

CPA Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computation Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an advanced computer simulation of fluid flow. This type of tool is used extensively throughout aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications; any situation that involves the flow of fluids can be aided by CFD. Canada Pipeline Accessories’ CFD services allow for a better understanding of pipeline flow and expanded knowledge of meter station behavior. Our services have been utilized in the study of piping systems, flow meter stations, flow meters, flow conditioners, mixers, pumps, and other pipe equipment.

CPA CFD gives designers, engineers, and end users the opportunity to carry out a simulated test of a meter station, piping design, or piping equipment. This allows for piping layouts and configurations to be analyzed before piping designs are finalized and construction begins, resulting in significant savings in both operating and capital costs.

CPA CFD can be used to diagnose problems with existing meter stations. In instances where flow meters are reporting unexplained errors or discrepancies with flow volumes, the meter station can be modeled to determine if any problematic fluid behavior or disturbances are present. This includes studying the effect of swirl or flow distortion due to installation effects, flow conditioner blockages, multiphase incidents, pulsation and pipe wall fouling.


Please contact us for a quote on a design or CFD project. Piping layouts, flow meter specifications and process conditions will be required in PDF form to help generate an accurate quote for a measurement scenario. For problem diagnosis, flow meter log files showing the problematic behavior will be beneficial.


For further information, do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales representatives, who will be able to help you choose the correct product for your specific needs.

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