CPA Fluid Dynamics & Engineering

CPA Fluid Dynamics & Engineering

CPA offers an innovative service to help improve the understanding of pipeline flow and knowledge of meter station behavior.

Canada Pipeline Accessories Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) uses complex finite element modeling to simulate the behavior of fluid flow scenarios. This allows the study of piping systems, flow meter stations, flow meters, flow conditioners and any other flow elements.
CPA’s personnel combine extensive experience in engineering, fluid dynamics, flow measurement and finite element analysis with cutting edge software to provide innovative solutions to any flow related problem.

CPA CFD gives designers, engineers and end users the opportunity to carry out a simulated test of a meter station or proposed piping design. This allows piping layouts and configurations to be analyzed and have their resultant flow meter performance quantified. This also allows potential problems to be caught well before piping designs are finalized and construction begins; resulting in significant savings in both operating and capital costs.

CPA CFD can be used to diagnose problems with existing meter stations. In instances where flow meters are reporting unexplained errors or discrepancies with flow volumes, the meter station can be modeled to determine if any problematic fluid behavior or disturbances are present. This includes studying the effect of swirl or flow distortion due to installation effects, flow conditioner blockages, multiphase incidents, pulsation and pipe wall fouling.

Engineering Services

Canada Pipeline Accessories also offers engineering consulting services ranging from part design, drawing services, CRN applications and calculation verification. Please contact CPA for more information!