CPA Accessories

CPA offers several accessories for use together with our flow conditioners and nozzles, or as stand-alone products. Like all CPA products, these accessories can be manufactured to your exact specifications. Available customizations include the material, dimensions, and standards compliance.

Spacer Plates

CPA offers customized spacer plates to ease flow conditioner installation or to simply provide extra space in the pipe. The spacer plates can be fully customized for length, material, inner and outer diameter, and are compatible with CPA FloAlign and FloTab Paddles.

CPA FloAlign and FloTab Paddle

CPA offers two types of tab attachments for use on flow conditioners and spacers. The FloTab Paddle allows for easy viewing the flow conditioner or spacer information by elevating the label to the outside of the flange outer diameter. The FloAlign Tab takes this one step further by using the flange bolts to help align the spacer or flow conditioner. It is particularly well suited to the Type B flow conditioner, which cannot be aligned through pipe insertion. Both types of tabs are also furnished with a lifting eye to ease handling.

CPA SlipJoints

CPA offers specialty slip joint fittings that are fully customizable like all CPA products. Slip joints allow for a small amount of expansion in the pipe while under pressure. CPA slip joints are pressure balanced to reduce movement caused by pressure changes within the pipe.